CHLOE 15x20 CM

research-based installation / video (6) / projection / photography / perfume smell / performance 

A stock photo in an inexpensive picture frame serves as the starting point for the search for the person behind the beautiful advertising face. "Chloe 15 x 20 cm" is the product name of the frame accompanied with the insert, which makes the photo a waste product in the consumer cycle.

The research starts with little manufacturer information and gradually leads to an approximation of the identity of the depicted. Google image search, image databases, websites, Facebook, Instagram, VK and serve as sources of information for creating a dense profile. In the course of her investigation, Ida Kammerloch contacts the model via an anonymous question portal. The result is a complex, one-sided relationship in which the artist studies the behavior of the model and, for example, acquires the same care products.
Chloe’s real name is never mentioned.

Chloe 15 x 20 cm is a spacious installation. The assembly of olfactory, visual and acoustic elements is based on extensive research and guides the viewer through a multi-layered spatial situation. The work was developed in 2017 in the underground garage of a former shop in Saarbrücken and dedicates the  generic stock photo an exhibition area of over 360m².

anonymous: “Can you recommend a good photographer for an ordinary photo shooting?”
Chloe: “I don’t appear on ordinary photos.” 09.02.2015 (19:07)

Recently I bought an apple with the face of the Mona Lisa on it. A sticker. The apple seemed to smile at me. That might sound kind of idiotic now, but compared to the other apples in the shop, this one attracted me the most. As if a thin aura had formed around it. Really strange. I then bought it and ate it. However, I have not noticed any particular difference in taste.

excerpt sound

exhibition view Halbergstraße 13, Saarbrücken 2017

Ausstellungsansicht Halbergstraße 13, Saarbrücken 2017

Ida: “What do you think of the name Chloe for a name?”
Chloe: “Beautiful name, but it wouldn’t fit a russian girl.” 20.07.2017 (15:20)

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