H8505 is a single Polaroid.

A blonde woman in a pink bodysuit, same colored lipstick and matching nail polish poses for a man. Uncovered breast, slightly open mouth, pointy ellbow, round knee. A gold bracelet adorns her right wrist. Her hand casually rests on the hip, two golden rings. One wide, the other one narrow. 

A millisecond before she is actually ready to give her best look into the camera, it is already over. The clicking paired with a flash is followed by a buzzing sound: The instant camera spits out evidence. Slightly delayed.

The photo was taken in the 80s.

Looking at the picture the bluish shimmering eye shadow on half-closed eyes, seems still to reflect the camera flash. 

At first glance, the photo seems to be a charming snapshot. But H8505 turns out to be a single file in a huge collection of systematically arranged photos: The starting point of this story.   

2017 the photos appeared on ebay under the search term “Erotisches Polaroid Foto schöne Frau Erotik um 1980 Busen”.
The Austrian online shop owner sells the photos invidually. The profit varies depending on the pose. Only a few are left, the collection is about to completely dissolve. 

By  putting one third of the fragmented collection together I was able to get an idea of the situation.

The women are lolling between cardboard boxes, piles of documents, an iron, some sleeve-iron boards. For a moment their appearance seems to bring light into the gloomy, dark atmosphere of the photographers apartment. Beautiful fabrics, smiling mouths, teased hair, shoes, stockings, jewelery, tattoos, cigarettes, ash, scars and bruises. 

Only in their multiplicity the photographs unfold a certain sense of oppression.

Who are these women, who have been all posing in the same dilapidated apartment for the unknown photographer?

And why?

A phone call raises questions.

The piece was shown “in progress” in the former janitor apartment of the women's prison Lichterfelde in Berlin.

For the exhibition period from 19.04.2018 - 21.04.2018 a performance was developed together with the actress Paula Kober.