2 videos (monitor + projection)
photo series
photo puzzle
sound piece (telephone call) combined with performance (Paula Kober)

H8505 is the unique piece from a comprehensive Polaroids collection from the 80s. Almost 40 years after their creation, the nude photographs appear as collectibles on eBay under the search term "Erotic_Polaroid_Foto_schönen_Frau_Erotik_um_1980_Busen".

Through several documented telephone calls with the Austrian online shop owner, information regarding the photographer and the women depicted in the photos can be extracted.

Erotic Polaroid 8x11 cm explores the effects of digitizing analog archives and transferring private estates to the Internet. The room installation was specially developed for the former caretaker‘s apartment of the Lichterfelde women‘s prison in Berlin, which led to a merging of both male figures. During the exhibition period, a performance was developed in collaboration with the actress Paula Kober, based on the auction protocols of selected Polaroids and the related poses.