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ongoing photo archive / spatial intervention / projection / performance / ebay auction

Copyright_archive is a documentary archive consisting of eBay auctions.

In order to counteract a possible duplication of photographs offered for sale and to give an approximate idea of the proportions, eBay sellers often add everyday objects to their goods. As representatives of standardized dimensions, rules, lighters, matches, coins, pens, paper clips, conventional and banal everyday objects are superimposed on nude photographs of unknown women. Fingers appear in the pictures, as do sticky notes, remnants of adhesive tape, drawings or digital scribbles. Apparently made unusable by the disruptive elements, these photo-object arrangements exist within a clearly defined time window and disappear from the user interface after the auction ends.

The resulting copyright_archive exists since 2017 and  includes almost 2500 photographs. The archive also functions as the starting point for a large number of works, including performances, interactive room installations, such as a series of photos entitled “eBayAesthetics29.82m”.

The artist's eBay auctions accompany the exhibition, limited to the duration of the exhibition. Personal nude photographs and staged purchase offers by the artist are offered. Here, too, objects hide the naked or lightly clad body. The self-timer appears as an act of emancipation and, at the same time, the automated production of new goods, new nudes, and numerous new eBay offers. Self-objectification addresses neoliberal forms of self-optimization as well as the production of so-called own value and confronts them with the photographs of the unknown from the eBay advertisements. The photos are offered on Ida Kammerloch's personal eBay account, which is temporarily misused for performative purposes.